Monday, November 29, 2010

Free printables

Now that the school holiday is here, what do you do to occupy and entertain the kids? Overseas holiday? Outing? Sign the kids up for holiday programmes?

What if the kids fall sick and we can't go anywhere? I prefer not to letting my kids watch TV or play iphone games for hours. I have posted some free activity ideas on the Internet here.

My kids love doing activities with me. They are bugging me 'to do activities'! It's great that there are many homeschooling moms who created and selflessly shared great printables. Those are really life saver to me.

Some of them that I love: : Lots and lots of nicely done printables, you're spoilt for choice! : I love its letter of the week curriculum, really great to teach my preschooler daughter. : For me this is more to complement the letter of the week curriculum. : Again, lots and lots of printables!

Just pick any that suits your kid's ability, print them out, and sit down with your kids. You can also pick a suitable theme, e.g. we've been doing the Christmas theme recently. It is educational and promotes the parent-child bonding...

Of course, many times I am too busy to sit down with them. During those busy time, my kids usually do the things that they can do on their own, e.g. cutting and colouring. Or I'll ask them to sit in the dining room while I am busy cooking or cleaning the kitchen. Something like that. Still better than watching TV or playing iphone games...

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