Hi, thank you for visiting my site.

I have been living in Singapore in the last ten years. Just like many mothers out there, I am juggling so many roles. I am so blessed with a supportive husband, two lovely kids, my parents and siblings, and an understanding boss... I can't be more grateful.

My life revolves around my family and meeting the projects' deadlines. I am managing the household, being a 'personal assistant' to my husband and kids, teaching my kids, keeping my house in a presentable condition, running errands, and going out and about with my family. My parents and siblings live in other countries, but we do spend time with them whenever we can.

In between juggling my responsibilities in my family and in the company I am working at, I am trying to squeeze in some time to do my own interests to keep myself sane. Maintaining this website is one. Feel free to leave your comments or contact me. Thanks!