Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Colourful journeys: free performances

Part of Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore
In collaboration with ACE! Festival 2010

Venue National Museum of Singapore

By Storyteller Roger Jenkins (Singapore)
SUN 23 MAY 2010, 2.30pm SAT 29 MAY 2010 - SUN 30 MAY 2010, 2.30pm & 4pm Duration: 45 min

Suitable for all ages
Limited to 50 children per session, on a first come, first served basis

Enjoy the power and wonder of storytelling with Roger Jenkins. Using props, puppets, pictures and plenty of participation, Roger will take you on an imaginative journey with four different programmes that celebrate children, Asian folktales and the power of a good story in the hands (and voice) of a master storyteller.

Props, Puppets and Participation SUN 23 MAY 2010 & SAT 29 MAY 2010, 2.30pm
A hands-up, hands-on, hands-in session full of fabulous folktales celebrating the 4P’s of telling: props, puppets and plenty of participation!

Stories in Pictures SAT 29 MAY 2010, 4pm
Roger tells stories using pictures – making up a story with pictures you’ve drawn, or telling a tale with the help of your illustrations; a picture drawn as he tells, a story about a painting, a tale told with tangrams.

Asian Magical Mystery Tour SUN 30 MAY 2010, 2.30pm
Where do you want to go? China? Japan? Tibet? Vietnam? Afghanistan? You pick the destinations and Roger will take you there on the wings of a story! Cheaper than a budget airline and with more leg room and even a touch of magic!

Fur and Feather Folktales SUN 30 MAY 2010, 4pm
Animals walk on four legs
Humans use only two
But often there’s no diff’rence
In the things they do.
(extract from Humans Think They’re Better, lyrics by Roger Jenkins)

About Roger Jenkins
Roger Jenkins has told professionally since 1998. He is a popular performer in schools, libraries and at community events thanks to his spontaneous, comedic, and often participatory, style of telling. In his repertoire are stories told with puppets, magic, masks, sign language, props like a blowpipe and a model bi-plane, drawings, and of course volunteers from his audience!

He has performed at Festivals and more than 40 international schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Saigon, Jakarta, Manila, Perth, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Edinburgh and (almost) annually at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival.

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