Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MacRitchie Reservoir

The last time we visited MacRitchie Reservoir was just before it underwent improvement. Now that the phase one of its makeover has completed, we can look forward to a family outing to this park!
MacRitchie Reservoir is like a hidden treasure in the city for us. It is so close to our house, yet it's like a journey back in time to the old days when much of the island was covered with lowland, tropical forest.

The park has also become a popular spot for exercise enthusiasts, especially joggers. It is also popular amongst families as a park for morning and evening walks or just a stroll along the water's edge. And the kids can look out for the monkeys, turtles, fish and more!

The park has a food kiosk, an exercise station and several shelters and benches that face the scenic reservoir.

Visitors to MacRitchie Reservoir can expect exciting enhancements, such as a new multi-storey carpark for some 300 lots, an amenities centre and an improved floating pontoon for kayakers.

To enable the public to enjoy the view of the reservoir, a previously-closed dam is now open and acrylic panels have been installed on the grilles by the side of the dam.

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