Thursday, April 2, 2009

Showcasing Singapore's Dragonflies - Let the Dragons Fly!

In Singapore, about 117 species of dragonfly has been recorded. However to most people in this highly urbanised city, dragonflies now exist only in our memories. Parents who used to live in kampongs will remember these colourful insects flying around ponds or streams and the fun they had trying to catch them. But dragonflies are still here, alive and well. And they are as beautiful and vivid as ever. Robin will share his dragonfly knowledge with the audience. He'll reveal the insect's intimate life history, showcase their vibrancy, where we can appreciate them and the simple things we can do to conserve our dragonflies. [Note: Session suitable for children age 5 to 12 years old]

Showcasing Singapore's Dragonflies - Let the Dragons Fly!
Date: 18 Apr, Saturday
Time: 3 pm to 4 pm
Venue: Ang Mo Kio Public Library, Activities Room
Speaker: Mr Robin Ngiam

About Speaker
Robin is a Senior Project Officer in the National Biodiversity Centre in NParks. He is currently working on a dragonfly project. The main aim of his work is to document the dragonflies found in our parks and gardens. He is also aiding park managers in enhancing the ponds to attract more dragonflies; leading NParks staff in doing dragonfly surveys; and educating anyone who is interested to know more of these beautiful insects. He also works closely with colleagues from the nature reserves to survey rare dragonfly species found only in Singapore's remaining forests.
Brought to your by 'Community in Bloom' and the National Biodiversity Centre (NParks), in partnership with the National Library Board.

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